5 Bad Hair Habits To Break

Turning over a new leaf with your locks in 2018? Let us help you break your bad hair habits for good!

Neglecting your colour
We’ve all been there – suddenly realising that it has been months (not weeks) since our last colour and hiding it with a ponytail every day is no longer working… eek!

But did you know that leaving too long between colour appointments can also increase the risk of colour banding occurring?

“Your hair has “heat zones”, where the first centimetre or so of hair closest to your scalp is warm and the rest is cool,” says Daniel Hemsley, Maurice Meade Technical Director. “Waiting until your regrowth is outside of this zone before your next colour means your colourist needs to do a virgin application to avoid colour banding – which takes more time and will add to your appointment cost.”

The solution? Ask your colourist to put you on a 4 week Colour Refresh plan – all Maurice Meade salons offer a refresh for $75 when you return within 4 weeks. It will keep you feeling great about your colour and you will get the most even colour result.

Damaging your hair while you sleep
Tying your hair up while you sleep might seem more comfortable, but can result in breakage and even hair loss. Instead, wear a protective hairstyle such as a loose braid or opt for a silk scarf to keep your hair under control when your head hits the pillow.

Hot showers
If you don’t want to sacrifice your steamy showers, it’s important to protect your hair to avoid depleting it’s natural oils – which will leave it looking dull and feeling brittle.

Invest in a shower cap for the days when you aren’t washing your hair (it will also help to preserve your blow-dry) and always add more cold water when washing. Psst – blasting your hair with cold water after washing also helps to boost shine.

Neglecting your heat protectant
Using heat tools like hairdryers or flat irons without a protectant is a huge no-no. Heat damage leads to breakage, split ends, dryness and will fade your colour. We recommend spreading a hazelnut-sized amount of Kerastase Nectar Thermique through towel dried hair before using any heat tools to provide your strands with a physical barrier against heat, while cutting drying time in half.

Also, remember to turn the heat right down on your styling tools – we love Cloud Nine irons and wands as they have adjustable heat settings.

Overusing dry shampoo
Dry shampoo – we love it for the extra sleep-ins, post workout freshen ups and instant volume boost. But overdoing the dry shampoo can lead to product build up on the scalp, which can result in itching and discomfort, and throw off your hairs natural oil balance.

We recommend to avoid layering dry shampoo over multiple days, and if you have overindulged, use a good clarifying shampoo once a week such as the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo to remove any buildup.