5 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Blonde

With so many shades and techniques to choose from, where do you start when it comes to finding a blonde that is perfect for you?

Here are five things to consider to help you along the way.

Your skin tone. 

The most important thing about going blonde, is getting the right shade to complement your skin. The right tone will make your skin look more radiant and enhance your eyes, while the wrong tone can make your features blend too much and ‘disappear’.

Your colourist will be able to analyse your skin tone most accurately to match the right colour, but as a general rule:

>> Darker or yellow/warm skin tones should go for caramel, golden hues to best flatter their look.

>> Fairer or pink/cool skin tones work best with ash, beige or more metallic shades.

Your natural hair colour.

While it is much easier to go blonde when your hair is naturally light or medium, don’t write it off if your hair is darker. There are many ways to incorporate lightness into your look – it’s not necessarily about going blonde all over.

For example, adding contoured highlights, fine babylights or using balayage to create a lightly sun-kissed effect can brighten up your look while remaining soft and natural and keeping your base colour darker (hello, lower maintenance).

Your schedule and level of commitment.

Some are complete blonde devotees; others want to dabble with adding more lightness without the maintenance. Whichever end of the scale you’re on, chat to your colourist about your expectations when it comes to how often you want to visit the salon and let them tailor a colour to suit. If you don’t mind regular maintenance, you can go for an all over blonde taken up to the roots, wheras if you can’t squeeze in monthly salon visits opt for a more graduated blonde using balayage or babylights.

Your hair condition.

If you’re holding on to fear around lightening your hair because of the risk of damage, be assured that there have been a lot of advances in technology that protect your hair during the lightening process (thank you, Smartbond!)

On the other hand, if you have a habit of changing your hair colour drastically every few months, chances are it is feeling quite fragile and lightening wouldn’t be wise. It’s important to be upfront with your colourist about your colour history so that they can recommend the best options for you.

And remember – be realistic! The Instagram world shows celebrities going platinum blonde seemingly overnight, but it doesn’t quite work like that in the real world. If your hair is dark and you want to go all over blonde, be prepared for it to be a process. The health of your hair is your colourist’s top priority, and a more gradual approach to lightening will mean your hair stays strong and healthy long term.

Book a consultation with an expert. 

Just like you shouldn’t try to self diagnose a medical condition, it’s best to see your colourist for personalised advice when it comes to choosing your blonde. And most importantly, keep an open mind! Just because a colour is trending, doesn’t mean it will be the best fit for your skin tone, hair type or lifestyle. Taking all of these factors into account will help to find your perfect colour, that is unique to you.