Balayage with Rani


With Rani from Maurice Meade Subiaco

Why do you love creating Balayage looks?
I’m not sure exactly why, I just think it looks so beautiful! I could nothing but Balayage all day long. I love the way it takes plain colour and lifts it, creating definition and adding texture to the hair.

Who is Balayage perfect for?
Because Balayage is so low maintenance and there is not a lot of colour directly on the roots its perfect for people who cant come into the salon regularly or cant afford it.

My favourite Balayage to do is on virgin hair, especially teenage girls as their first introduction into colour, as it gives them a different look and brightens their hair without it being too drastic.

 How do you create Balayage?
I use Filtered foils (not straight on the roots, varied), positioned up high, it makes the colour last longer. I mainly I use lighter tones to brighten up the hair, but if the hair is already quite light I may put low lights in to soften the overall look and create a seamless blend.

What length hair does Balayage work on?
I think Balayage looks best on hair shoulder length and longer – I can create it on shorter hair but it looks better with a bit of length to show the colour and contrast.

How often should I visit the salon with Balayage?
Balayage is such a low maintenance look, so you can leave the time between appointments a lot longer than standard foils or colour.

I would recommend that clients come in as soon as the lighter pieces that I have added in around the face start to grow out. This varies, depending the client’s hair growth speed.

I also recommend coming in for a toner in between their main colour visits. This is because in the Australian climate the sun and also washing our hair regularly can make the toner fade much quicker.

What take home products would you recommend for Balayage clients?
I would recommend having a Kerastase Camera consult first before getting products to make sure you are getting the products that suit your scalp and follicle needs.

I do think its important to get a product that locks in and makes the colour last longer, my favourite is Colour Lustre by Shu Uemura. It feels so light in my hair and also gives the hair so much shine.

How do you style Balayage?
I think loose waves/ curls are the best; it just shows off the colour so well and ads some glamour. I finish the look with Beach Waves by Tecni art as it holds the hair for longer, even days later and also doesn’t have the feel that some hair sprays can have.