Meet Katie

What do you like your hair to feel like?

Hair is a beautiful form of self expression – a seamless extension of who we are as people. And so, I want my hair to feel lavished with love… smell as delicious as my favourite fragrance, look as healthy and nourished as my soul and shimmer bright like my spirit! It’s the crown we never take off – so why wouldn’t we treat it like royalty!? 👸🏼

What are your favourite products?

Kérastase’s Genesis Hair Strengthening Range

Kérastase’s divine new drop of Genesis hair strengthening products came into my life when they first landed in Maurice Meade Salons back in March… and I am still PREACHING HARD! 🙌🏼

Whether it’s from excessive heat-styling, hormones, or even just a change in seasons – if you’ve noticed a bit more hair on your brush (in the shower, around the house, stuck on your boyfriend…) than you’d like, the new Kérastase range of Genesis treatments and products are literally, heaven-sent! …Maybe that should be ‘Heaven-scent’?! They also happen to smell GORGEOUS! 👼🏼

Genesis’ epic formula is bursting with gentle, nourishing and shielding antioxidants, providing immediate strength – perfect for hair prone to breakage. It’s fresh, lightweight, cleansing and after just one month of *religious* use, my tresses felt thicker, stronger and more hydrated. 

Chasing a hair care regimen that promises and delivers endless shine, strength and hold? This is IT. My ultimate go-tos are the shampoo/conditioner and the serum – which I use on my scalp AND ends – yum! 😇

Kèrastase’s Fresh Affair Refreshing Dry Shampoo

Kérastase’s Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo is the best wing-woman for any chick on the go… or any gal guilty of pressing ‘snooze’ one too many times! 

This beautifully scented dry shampoo is ultra-lightweight, with a long-lasting delicious fragrance, packed full of hydrating Vitamin E. 

Psst – top tip! Fresh Affair also gives hair an instant infusion of volume, texture and flexible hold too. I often double this little beauty up as a styling product to maintain my waves. It’s lightweight, long-lasting, maintains hydration… and doesn’t weigh down or dull your shiny tresses! Score! 💕

What treatment do you get in the salon that you love? 

That’s easy… the signature MM head massages and the HOT towels! Two things I simply cannot recreate at home. They’re the BEST!

What is YOUR secret to healthy hair? 

I’ve always had long hair – I probably take for granted all the little things I do in-between salon visits to keep my tresses healthy, nourished and strong… but here are a few;

  • Never, ever use elastic hair ties. I use small, textured/silky scrunchies rather than abrasive elastic bands

  • Hot shower lover? Guilty!  They’re actually great for opening up hair cuticles and making your hair products work harder. Next time you’re planning a body scrub or leg shaving session, slather a cheeky hair mask on your tresses before you set to work… Extra points if you can take the plunge and rinse with an icy cold shower to finish and fully cleanse/set your hair… You’ll thank me for the lovely hair shine you’ll get as a result!

  • Gym bunny? Me too. I love working out – but long hair can get sweaty and messy quickly… I’ve learnt over the years never to tie my hair too tight (it puts pressure on your locks which can lead to breakage over time) – instead invest in some textured velvet scrunchies that grip and hold your workout hair in place and out of your eyes! Catching a post-workout spa? Slick some conditioner through your tresses before slipping into the sauna and treat yourself to your very own hot hair treatment! 

  • Always invest in good haircare products – that work as hard for you as you did to invest in them!

  • No matter how much you want to grow your hair – get it trimmed regularly… especially when you’re blonde! 

  • Bedtime tips… apply a cheeky bit of oil through your ends and the baby hairs around your hairline to nourish and hydrate while you zzz, always brush your hair before bed – and try not to sleep with it tied up… literally, let your hair down!

  • Unless I really have to, I never fully dry my hair… I blow dry at the roots and roughly through the mid/ends and let it naturally dry while I sleep!

  • Invest in a good hairbrush – I SWEAR by Tangle Teezers – I have about ten dotted around the house, at work, my partners place, in my car, handbag… they’re EPIC)

  • USE HEAT PROTECTION! Always. Every single time. (Kérastase has you covered there too!)