Gibbs Family


Meets the Gibb’s family! Mother Tamara, Sisters Amy, and Em.

These lovely ladies are loyal Maurice Meade clients and have been visiting our salons for many years. This amazing family of women are all about long lunches, wellness, their family pets, and, each other.

The Gibbs family welcomed us into their charming Tuscan style home with an amazing garden and told us all their secrets when it comes to their close family bond.

There was one common answer amongst the ladies. Their family is ‘a very close-knit family’ and every single one of them said they love spending time ‘Having beautifully relaxed long lunches with our family and friends, full of laughter, conversations, good food and lots of wine.’ We second that! There is no better way to spend the day. Being around family and friends enjoying food and one another’s company are some of the most beautiful moments in life.

Tamara is the ultimate host and both Amy and Emily have learnt from the best. Their love of food and wine transcends into their amazing long lunches full of joy and warmth. From menu planning and table décor, this family is organised! Their culinary skills don’t end in their own kitchens, Amy adds, ‘I also own a small catering business which satisfies my love of food and hosting!’. All I know is that I’m checking my phone every day for my invite ladies…

Their bond goes beyond the tight-knit family they have created, it extends to their ethos on wellness and beauty. 

The consensus between the women is a minimal approach to beauty to achieve an overall natural aesthetic. Not that this good-looking family needs much help!  All with impeccable skincare routines and glowy makeup looks to complement their flawless skin. Which we absolutely adore! Let your natural beauty shine ladies!

Individuality is important, that’s why we always cater all our haircare routines to your unique hair type. The Gibbs family is no exception! All our stylists and colourist tailor your salon experience to what your hair needs are. All the ladies are blessed with thick voluminous hair always styled to perfection. Tamara says she ALWAYS has people ask where she gets her hair cut!

Em likes to use the Reflection collection by Kérastase.

Em has a rich brunette colour with a few face-framing highlights to compliment and contour Em’s complexion. The reflection collection is designed to maintain and preserve hair colour, create shiny, healthy hair, and protect colour from the sun. Em is also super excited to see the latest products that are about to be launched in the new Reflection collection.

Both Tamara and Amy use the Absolu Blond Collection by Kérastase. Lightening hair can takes its toll on your hair’s hydration and strength. To avoid dryness and breakage they use Blond Absolu Collection contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate and restore hair health. 

Tamara and Amy also alternate and use the Kérastase Violet shampoo to tone their blonde in between appointments. Blonde should not live without a Thermique! Heat protectant products are so important when blow-drying or styling with hot tools. The Gibbs use the Blond Abslou heat protectant– it is the peace of mind everyone needs! Knowing that your hair is protected from hot styling tools is everything!

The ladies have been coming to Maurice Meade for years and we are so grateful to have clients like these! Sharing stories and giving one another tips and tricks on day-to-day beauty routines is how we love to spend a Saturday! We love seeing our clients outside of the salons. A beautiful opportunity to see our clients shine!

For 48 years Maurice Meade has celebrated all women and their individual beauty. These profiles are a homage to all our amazing clients that put their trust in our talented Hair Artists to help them look and feel their best.