Rebecca Marsh

Rebecca is a long-term client of Maurice Meade, so we needed to get to know her a little better! We got a snapshot of what her busy life looks like and what beauty hacks she swears by.

Rebecca says, ‘First and foremost, I am a mother.’ And an Amazing mother at that! Perfectly embodying the cool, calm and collected parent to her 3 beautiful children and fur baby.

Rebecca first hopped up on our radar when she was a TV reporter for Channel 7.

These days Rebecca channels her energy into being a content creator, freelance presenter, and an MC.

Furthermore, as an ambassador for the Lung Foundation. Her philanthropic work does not go unnoticed. Rebecca is co organising a charity walk this November with the lung foundation to raise money for lung cancer research.

She obviously keeps a tight and busy schedule so moments to relax at the salon are important. ‘I love the new Subiaco Salon. It’s such a beautiful space and the staff are always so welcoming. You know you are getting the very best treatment from start to finish. My colourist Laura is so skilled, and she always knows exactly what my hair needs.’

Rebecca’s in-salon must haves are personalised foils, french gloss and an Innoluxe treatment to keep her hair healthy and shiny.

‘I’ve been highlighting my hair since I was about 16 and it’s gone through some pretty rough patches along the way! With the right combination of Kerastase products and care at Maurice Meade my hair has never felt healthier.’  

Rebecca uses the Kerastase Blond Absolu Collection ‘It leaves my hair feeling so clean, hydrated and healthy. It keeps my blonde nice and bright.’ The Blond Absolu collection is enriched with hyaluronic acid much needed hydration for highlighted hair.

A healthy hair routine is vital. Just like your skin, there can be many factors effecting the condition of your hair. For example, seasonal changes, exercise, hormones, and of course the products you use. It is advised that you regularly check in with your hairdresser and make sure that you are on track to healthy, strong, and shiny hair.

As so many people do, Rebecca has experienced a change in her hair condition. During her pregnancy journey she experienced post-partum hair loss. Having lost some volume and having naturally fine hair Rebecca’s hot tip is ‘I always like to pop in a couple of tape extensions either side at the front to give my hair more fullness.’

Rebecca also used the Kerastase’s multi vitamin hair and scalp serum, Initialise. Checking in with your hairdresser is very important when you are experiencing hair challenges. Maurice Meade will always have a product or a technique that can work best for you!

Maurice Meade has long celebrated all women and their individual beauty. These profiles are a homage to all our amazing clients that put their trust in our talented Hair Artists to help them look and feel their best.

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