Colour Tutorial

Terms and Conditions

At-home colour agreement

Due to the recent global outbreak of Covid-19 many of our clients are unable or unwilling to come into our salons for hair appointments. 

To help them at this time and to continue to function as a business we may make their tailored home colour available to select clients. 

The colour will be mixed using your last colour history from the salon, client must have had a colour applied within a Maurice Meade salon within the last 6-8 weeks for this service to be used. It is only valid for base colour, grey coverage or root clients, it is not valid for lightening services. If a client is unsure as to whether this service is applicable for them they must contact and check with their usual salon first. If the client is not a candidate Maurice Meade has the right to refuse service and product. The clients colour history is the intellectual property of Maurice Meade and will not be released to the client under any circumstances unless mandated so by a court of Law. 

The client will be called to book an appointment to either a) Collect from the salon or b) have it delivered to your home. The colour will be premixed by your hairdresser however it must be applied within an hour of mixing. Please be ready upon delivery/ collection to apply the colour at home. 

Because we are not able to oversee the application of the colour we cannot be held responsible for the outcome. By purchasing you agree to the following. 

You agree and acknowledge that you have listened and understood ALL colour instructions Maurice Meade has has given you. This includes processing time (how long to leave the colour on your hair) and the removal of colour.

You agree that, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Maurice Meade will not be reasonable or liable (whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise), under any circumstances, for any (a) damage; (b) breakage; (c) unfortunate colour; (d) undesired outcome; or (e) stains on clothing, private premises, possessions or skin.

You understand and agree that this is an extraordinary circumstance and your service will not be what you usually or expect to receive. You also acknowledge and agree that despite this you will pay a pre-determined fee and that refunds will not be accepted.